Wolf Blood

Nothing is still as hotly discussed today as the topic of domestication of the dog. I think that man only feels the irrepressible desire that our dog, as we know him today, is a creation of man. So, 15,000 years ago, someone went and got some wolf pups out of the cave and Simsalabim the dog was created.

Presumably today’s domestic cat is also the result of human domestication, isn’t it. The Stone Age people went into a cave and got some saber-toothed tiger kittens and then bred the domestic cat from them. That must have been that way, because it worked like that with the dog.

So you have to give the primitive people a lot of credit for that, without leashes, fences and with a low life expectancy to breed dogs from wolves. Probably coyotes, jackals and dingos were mis-breeds and were quickly sorted out.

We could ask in the relevant wolf stations in Germany or the USA, they tame wolves since 1960, whether a dog has been thrown by a wolf in the meantime. Or whether it at least goes in the direction of a dog. But the discussants usually don’t want to know that exactly.

Well, I have never met a dog in my whole life, which had to do only in the remotest way something with a wolf.

And to get two wolf pups out of the cave would probably not been enough to create a real population, that would have had to be several thousand wolf pups. Also their care, apart from hand rearing, would have required enormous resources. And this 15,000 years ago, so I have to say “hats off” again with respect.

And the scientific followers of the Stone Age animal breeder thesis now transfer behavior from wolf to dog. I always ask myself, how can such garbage even prevail in the mainstream.

Already with the topic “hunting” it should be obvious that these two species have nothing in common. But every ball chase of the dog or chase of a cyclist is postulated as “hunting” on the dog meadows. The dog just rushes because it is fun or because it has been trained. At the most he rummages for food, which can be excluded with the common house dog with regular food on the part of his owner.

Not even street dogs here in Thailand “hunt” in the sense of “hunting”. Because they also know when the garbage truck comes and there is something to bite. And they would only have to cross the street to the meadow and hunt a chicken, wouldn’t they? Of course a dog will chase a chicken if he wants to and will also chase it to death, but not because of survival instinct but because he wants to. The dog does not care if it is successful or not, the pure rushing is satisfaction enough. To chase after a scrawny chicken without any chance of success makes no sense for the wolf. First of all the energy consumption would not be replaced by the chicken and secondly such a senseless effort could cost the wolf his life. But not your dog, because afterwards he will go home with you and get his food.

Of course it is an undisputed reality that dogs and wolves are distant cousins. However, the pedigree of these two species is divided into two branches. Dogs and wolves went their very own way. Wolves adapted to the wild and dogs adapted to the domesticated lifestyle. They are specialists in different ecological niches and therefore very different animals.

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