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Welcome to Zoeta Dogsoul – Dog Boarding & Training Center Pattaya

Boarding that feels like home. On an area of 10 Rai we offer not only common rooms or private rooms at your disposal, but your dog will enjoy long walks along the river, dog agility, entertainment, training, food a la cart from the best premium producers.

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Pattaya Dog Boarding

Dogs are very mental animals. They experience tension and distress. They feel lonesome and are searching for attention. Such properties are not quickly acknowledged unless one is competent in the art. For this reason, it is not a good idea to use good friends and relatives to keep an eye on a family pet, as they do not have the necessary experience to observe such habits. At Zoeta Dogsoul the dogs receive additional services such as grooming, socializing and training. We provide our guests cage-free accommodation, where the dogs can run around quickly with other visitors and sleep in a common or private space. In our Training and Boarding Center Pattaya we have a large agility area and the possibility of long walks along the river. We provide our guests to select food from the menu. The menu consists of freshly ready food along with food for allergic, food for dogs on diet plan from the most respectable food makers. We satisfy almost every wish for your four-legged partner. If you have any questions about our service, please do not hesitate to call us.

Common room & private rooms

Air-conditioned rooms

Luxury rooms (Q1 – 2023)

Playtime with other dogs

Administration of medications, if needed

Dog Agility & Walks on the River

Premium Food Fresh from Menu

and much more

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Companies that we partner with.

We cook fresh for our guests. Besides that, you can choose from the best premium dog food manufacturers. We make sure that even allergic or sensitive dogs get only the best food.

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Give your Dog a Vacation – Dog Boarding Pattaya

Our Dog Boarding approach is designed to offer your dog a completely enriched boarding experience. We ensure this by giving the pets the things they need most: behavioral opportunities, workout, socialization and the absence of tension.

Dogs prefer a genuine house and outside exercise over kennels or cages. It remains in their nature that they need socialization with other dogs and people.

Our skilled team separates the pets according to size and temperament and supervises each group so that all pets remain in a trouble-free environment. The dogs sleep during the night like at a slumber party in a common room or, if preferred, in private spaces. The dogs are not locked up!

Dog Agility Park

We offer a large area for dog agility. Your dog will receive suitable entertainment from experienced experts. This is perfect for dogs who need to get exercise.

Long River Walks

We want to make it easy for your dog to enjoy the outdoors. We provide long and extensive walks along the river in unique surroundings that will be beneficial for him.

The best Menu in Town

Fresh food for each dog freshly prepared or from our menu with the best producers.

Luxury Boarding Rooms (Q1 -2023)

You want to give your dog a very special experience. No problem with our luxury rooms and dedicated trainers.

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