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We unveil new dog training program in Chiang Mai

Trust, respect and understanding are demands that we should have on the partnership with our dog. Such a partnership can only be built through mutual trust and communication. Motivation and praise are just as important in this way as a termination signal and setting limits.

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dog training chiang mai

Personal Dog Trainer
Goals of my work:

We’ll help you and your pup learn how to get along better in a fun, safe environment! We offer classes for dogs and their owners who want to be able to live together harmoniously. We will teach you how to understand what your pup wants and needs, as well as how they think and react differently than humans do. You will also learn about the latest techniques so that you can have an obedient partner.

Dog training is difficult and time-consuming. You have to find a trainer, train your pup at home, take time off work and be committed for weeks or months on end. Classes are expensive, and you can’t always find the right one that suits your schedule. We offer personal dog training in Chiang Mai which means we come to you! We build relationships with you as well as your pup so they learn faster – usually within a few Sessions!

partnership between human and dog

the perception of the dog as a dog

the acceptance of its otherness

the development of his potential

respect of his skills

the knowledge of his limits

a common language for successful communication

Training Program

Introducing a new way to have a strong relationship with your pup! We offer courses for dogs and their owners who want to be able to live together harmoniously. We’ll help you and your pup learn how to get along better in a fun, safe environment! 

If you’re frustrated, your dog is too. You know that teach your pup can be tough and frustrating – it’s like they don’t understand what you want them to do!

When teach your pup, there are so many challenges. They get distracted by other dogs or people; they act out right before an important event; or they just won’t listen when you need them the most.

We make it easy for anyone to train their pup with our approach. We’ll teach you how to communicate in a language that will finally click with your pooch!


Hands-on Training

Understanding your Dog

Call and Stop & Sit and Wait

Mastering the Walk, Leash Work

Search & Retrieve

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Personal Dog Training Chiang Mai

The coexistence of man and dog has become increasingly complex over the past decades due to social changes. Today, dogs are considered full members of the family, with many people viewing their dogs as life partners. However, this role can often overwhelm dogs. It’s important to remember that dogs need to be educated in a way that they can understand, with their new environment and family rules made understandable to them.

Our dogs are true specialists and show appropriate behavior. These innate breed-specific behavioral patterns are individual and differently pronounced. This includes, for example, hunting or guarding.

If the relationship between dog and owner is not good, humans very often lose control over their companion. They make the experience that he can escape and is on his own. However, the dog should make the experience that his human controls situations and this for the most part. The more often a dog makes the experience that the human remains outside, does not communicate or communicates badly or remains unclear in his influence, the more the dog becomes independent. From this point on it becomes more and more difficult, sometimes almost impossible for humans to influence them.

Communication with your dog

The more often a dog is allowed to live out its instincts, the more difficult it becomes for the pup to control themself and for us to control him. For this reason it is essential to clarify with them when which behavior is desired and when not. This requires communication!

The characteristics and abilities of the pup to survive in our world mean that he is ready to get in contact and communicate with us. If we accept him as our social partner, we ourselves will make other demands on the quality of our relationship with this partner.

The human being greatly influences the world view of the dog. Dogs need and seek social connection with humans, and their world view expands based on what they experience from and through people. The evaluation system, crucial for the dog’s world view, is formed by all environmental experiences from the first day of their life. Thus, humans are largely responsible for how dogs construct their reality.

Obedience Training in Chiang Mai

We are on a mission to provide the best obedience training. We have a wide range of courses, all led by our certified trainers. You will receive hands-on help from an expert who can answer any questions you may have regarding your dog’s behavior.

Introducing Zoeta Dogsoul, a new way to a happier and healthy relationship with your dog! It is our goal to deliver high quality obedience training to encourage a happier relationship between owners and pup’s.

Dog Training with Heart

  • Training that works and builds a strong relationship
  • Experts in using positive reinforcement to train dogs
  • Studied with the world’s leading animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians
  • Training methods that are tailored to you and your pup’s needs
personal dog trainer chiang mai

You & Your Dog in Chiang Mai

There are plenty of places to take your pup. Here are five of the best:

  1. Maejo University’s Park: This park is a great place to let your dog run around and play. It’s also a great place to meet other owners
  2. Wat Pha Lat: This temple is a beautiful spot to visit, and your dog is welcome to come along. Just be sure to keep them on a leash
  3. The Old City: There are plenty of things to see and do in the old city, and your pup can come along for the ride. Just be sure to avoid the busy streets.
  4. Check out some of the city’s many dog-friendly parks and green spaces
  5. Take a day trip to one of Chiang Mai’s nearby nature spots like Doi Inthanon National Park or Mae Sa Waterfall


What are the golden rules of dog training?

The golden rules of dog training involve consistency, positivity, and patience. Be consistent with the commands and rules you set for your dog, use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior, and be patient as it takes time for dogs to learn and internalize commands and behaviors.

Can aggressive dogs be trained?

Yes, aggressive dogs can, and often should be, trained. It’s important to understand the cause of the aggression so that specific training tactics can be used. It’s generally recommended to get help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to safely address aggression in dogs.

What triggers dogs to be aggressive?

Several factors can trigger aggressive behavior in dogs, such as fear, territorial issues, predation, dominance, or even health issues. Early socialization, training, a stable and healthy environment can help in curbing these aggressive tendencies.

Is it better to train your dog yourself or a trainer?

This is subjective and depends on numerous factors such as the dog’s temperament, the owner’s patience and understanding of canine behavior, and the type of training required. Basic obedience commands can generally be taught by most owners, but a professional dog trainer may be more suitable for behavioral issues, advanced training techniques, or particular breeds.

Are dogs happier if they are trained?

Yes, training often leads to happier dogs. Training helps to properly socialize your dog, stimulates them mentally, and builds a strong bond between the dog and the owner. A trained dog is generally more obedient and makes for a more satisfying owner-dog relationship.

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