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We go above and far beyond of dog training, we reach the soul.

When you have a dog, it’s not always easy to find someone to train them. You need someone who is knowledgeable about dog behavior, has experience with your breed of dog and can tailor their training methods for your specific needs.

We offer personal dog training in Chiang Mai and dog training in Bangkok that provides individual attention tailored to your specific needs, as well as an excellent reputation among our clients.

We help to build relationships with your dog

Dog Training Chiang Mai

We know that dogs are more than just pets, they are family members with souls who deserve the same attention as any other member of the household.

Dog Training Bangkok

We’re offering one-on-one sessions, in-home training, consultations, and workshops to help reach the soul of your dog.

Dog Boarding Chiang Mai

Our Dog Boarding approach is designed to give your dog a completely enriched boarding experience. NO Cage or Kennel! On request, private rooms!

Dog Training Pattaya

We’re working with a team of dog experts and dog behaviorists to create the best possible experience for your pup.

Dog Training Khon Kaen

We offer a variety of services for all stages of your dog’s life and care.

Dog Boarding Bangkok

Our Dog Boarding approach is designed to give your dog a completely enriched boarding experience. 10 Rai Area with big Agility Park and River walks.

Basti is a fantastic dog trainer. We worked with him for two months and it was a very positive experience. Basti is very knowledgeable about canine behaviour and already after the first session I could feel what a difference the training made. Most importantly, my dog really loved it! He is a calmer and happier dog and we have a much stronger relationship now. I highly recommend Zoeta Dogsoul to anyone looking for a dog trainer in Chiang Mai!

Kei Ito

We were at our wit’s end with our dogs and unsure how to get them to listen to even basic commands. We’d had already had a bad experience with another trainer but my friend suggested to give Basti a call. As soon as Basti arrived, he played around with the dogs, familiarising himself with them and the environment. From the 1st session (no exaggeration here!) there was such a massive change towards their behavior that we couldn’t believe! Basti is firm but loving with the dogs, and they loved training with him. We also did some “off-site” sessions to socialise the dogs and to train them to listen to us outside our home environment. He gave us our confidence back on how to deal with them and he is always open to follow-up questions. We couldn’t happier and I would definitely recommend Basti to anyone needing some help with their pets.

Carolina Ferro

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