Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and their behavior is what makes them so special to us. Whether you own a dog or are considering

Most Popular Dog Names

The Most Popular Dog Names

People have been naming their dogs since the beginning of domestication. Dog names can come from a variety of sources, including popular culture, personal experiences,

how to tell my dog

How do I tell my dog?

Dogs are social beings, they live with us humans but not for us. A communication can only work if the transmission is optical or acoustic, which both sides can understand.

the right dog

What is the right Dog?

Lack of understanding and irrationality on the part of humans produce 90% of the behavioural problems or behavioural abnormalities in dogs.


Wolf Blood

Nothing is still as hotly discussed today as the topic of domestication of the dog. I think that man only feels the irrepressible desire that our dog, as we know him today, is a creation of man.



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