What is the right Dog?

Lack of understanding and irrationality on the part of humans produce 90% of the behavioural problems or behavioural abnormalities in dogs. This begins with the choice of the dog, the training and the requirements that are made on the dog or which the dog should fulfil.

Clichés which are spread on dog meadows are taken over without testing, e.g. the Golden Retriever is a family dog because he never shows teeth, the Labrador is an ideal dog for beginners or the Somajede is always happy because he smiles so nice. The whole thing is then garnished with the fairy tale of the Alpha/Dominance theory and the new dog owner is born.

Believe it or not, these are references that people use to choose dogs and after a short time they are surprised that the dog knocks the child over, runs around the house barking and does not hear when the dog is yelled “off”.

In my earliest childhood I was about 5-6 years old, my parents gave my dog away because he didn’t listen to anyone only to me and broke my sister’s finger while walking. Today I would ask how you held the leash 🙂

Since I moved out of my home I had dogs living with me, I started with dogs on weekends for care and later my own dogs. The reasons why people keep dogs should be as diverse as there are dog breeds. From my point of view, people sometimes overestimate themselves if they can really handle a dog and underestimate the dog, what is really coming to them.

In addition there are trends and completely exaggerated expectations.

Here it is already clear that this leads to massive problems in living together. A family with 2 children decides to get a dog. After talking to the neighbour the decision to get a Border Collie was made, because the neighbour told them that he had a Border Collie as a child and that is a good family dog. The research in the internet also showed that the Border Collie is a well balanced family dog.

Ta Ta the Border Collie is here. And to everyone’s surprise the first problems appeared already after 3 months. While walking the Collie pinched the children in the calves. The parents were completely shocked and immediately regimented the dog. Unfortunately this is a sad everyday life for many dogs. The Border Collie simply shows innate behaviour and implements this with all available means. He simply holds the herd together and this also with pinching in the legs, so that the members of the herd do not lose the connection.

The regulation of the parents is a regulation of innate behaviour, which the dog cannot understand under any circumstances. A spiral of problems, which are now accumulating, is pre-programmed to build up further and further from this situation. If education methods such as “hard hand”, “alpha” or “dominance” are added, this will end sadly for the dog.

With the decision for a dog you should be completely conscious with the fact that this is a decision for at least 12 – 17 years! If you are a runner and think that you are taking the dog on your daily round, you should be aware that running is not a challenge for the dog! And the dog can be completely underchallenged and bored even if you run several kilometres every day.

If you have never seen a dog working a track before, you should take a look at this. First of all, hunting has nothing to do with running! Throwing the ball and training the dog to be a ball junkie is not something you can challenge a dog with. On the contrary, by stereotypically training to rush and take possession of prey and possibly defend it, you will only produce problems and as already mentioned, it has no added value for the dog.

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