Avoid misunderstandings through successful communication

The communication between humans and dogs rarely run on the instinctive level. Humans mostly try to communicate verbally, which happens on the level of the mind and is determined by linguistic content. The dog, on the other hand, responds according to his nature, bound to instinct. These signals of the dog, his answers, are often not understood or recognized by humans as communication. For this reason it often comes to situations, in which humans react angrily to behaviors of the dog, which they do not understand. By this annoyance the dog is put now further under pressure, because this was completely clear in his instinct-bound answer and gets from its human nevertheless the signal “I am annoyed and dissatisfied with your behavior”. How should the dog understand this?

The dog always responds to its human’s signals without pretending. He always acts with the conviction that he is doing the right thing! He must be able to trust everything he sees and hears, because all this determines his world view. If the dog’s responses are always subject to an unpredictable regimentation, the dog no longer trusts his own response patterns. He loses thereby the confidence in itself. The dog recognizes whether his influence and his reaction to his environment is answered in the same way and following recognizable rules. If this is not the case, the dog reduces itself in his answers to prevent a possible regimentation or negative feedback to experience. He possibly begins to structure his environment compulsively, so that an overview results for him and order prevails. To feel only as a plaything of his environment triggers fear and insecurity and leads under circumstances to threatening snapping or fear biting.

This can only be remedied with successful communication, because only in this way can the dog self-reflect. This gives the dog security and self-confidence.

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