The Vizsla is gently constructed however muscular, providing speed and endurance. Their gait is light, elegant, smooth, and also ground covering. Their brief smooth layer is dense, supplying some security from the aspects. Their golden corrosion color is a trademark of the type.

Vizsla History

The Vizsla’s forebears may have consisted of types that the Magyars accumulated as they abounded throughout Europe before settling in Hungary over a thousand years back. Works on falconry from the Middle Ages define pets of Vizsla type. The Hungarian plains were rich in game, and seekers wanted a quick yet close-working canine that might not only point and obtain however trail mammals over thick ground cover. The type was certainly established by the eighteenth century, having actually located special favor with barons as well as warlords of the moment.

By the end of the nineteenth century, nevertheless, the type had considerably declined in numbers. They were revived via the exploration of regarding a lots staying pets. The second world war spread the Vizsla through out the globe. Hungarians taking off Russian line of work took their pointing dogs to numerous other nations, including America, where their good-looking look and also remarkable hunting capacities were soon valued. In America, the Viszla rapidly got admirers, and also the breed is now consistently seen in the house. They are likewise in some cases called the Hungarian Vizsla or Hungarian Tip.

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Vizsla Temperament

The Viszla is very energised. They are typically great hiking partners and also always looking for fascinating aromas. They can end up being aggravated and destructive otherwise offered appropriate exercise. Most can be persistent, some can be timid, as well as others can be overly restless. They are frequently mild, caring, and sensitive, and also can be protective. The Vizsla makes an excellent companion for an active owner who invests a lot of time outdoors.

Health and wellness

The Vizsla needs a great deal of strenuous workout daily. They are an active type that can not be anticipated to fulfill its energy needs with a brief stroll or within a tiny lawn. They need to run or be allowed to run in a big encased area. Otherwise, their requirements are marginal. Their layer requires little treatment other than a periodic brushing to get rid of dead hair.

Significant problems:

epilepsy, CHD, lymphosarcoma

hypothyroidism, vWD,dwarfism


Life expectancy: 10-14 years




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