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Course Overview

Welcome to our Basic Dog Training Course, where we delve into the heart of canine behavior to establish a deeper connection between you and your dog. Our scientific approach to training guarantees the fastest results by understanding and communicating with your dog on a profound level. This course is designed to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend through clear communication, trust-building, and practical skills that will last a lifetime.

Module 1: Introduction to Our Method

Delving into canine psychology.
Fundamentals of how dogs learn: Classical and operant conditioning.
Insight into our scientific approach and its effectiveness in training.
Goal setting for owners and their canine pals.
Safety protocols: Appropriate gear and usage.

Module 2: The Language of ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ Explained

Leveraging positive reinforcement.
Understanding negative reinforcement and its correct application.
The significance of timing and uniformity in conveying messages.
Crafting and consistently applying commands.
Hands-on exercises to establish ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Module 3: Cultivating Trust & Bonding

Deciphering canine communication: Body language and cues.
Establishing trust through compassionate handling and positive reinforcements.
Trust-fortifying exercises: Interactive games to bolster the owner-dog connection.
The role of consistency and patience in fostering trust.
Managing anxiety and fear in dogs.

Module 4: Mastery of ‘Come’

The essence of a steadfast recall.
Strategies for ingraining the ‘Come’ command amidst diversions.
Strategic use of incentives to reinforce the recall.
Escalating recall difficulty within a controlled setup.
Practicing recall amidst real-world settings.

Module 5: The ‘Stay’ Command

Importance of self-control in dogs.
Progressive training for ‘Stay’: Duration, distance, and distraction.
Cultivating a robust ‘Stay’ command.
Training for emergency stays and their cruciality.
Validating ‘Stay’ in the face of real-life distractions.

Module 6: Leash Skills & Etiquette

Mastering leash handling fundamentals.
The leash as a conduit for cues: Implementing pressure and release techniques.
Cultivating polite leash behavior: Preventing pulling, lunging, or leaping.
Heeling and the automatic sit.
Preliminary principles of off-leash training.

Module 7: Useful Activity – Search and Retrieve

Tapping into your dog’s inherent inclinations.
Introductory search activities: Concealing treats or toys.
Basics of retrieval: Merging enjoyment with utility.
Developing structured search strategies and scent detection.
Progressing to intricate search and retrieve challenges.

Module 8: Real-World Application – Training in Public

Applying skills in public spaces: Managing interruptions.
Public behavior: Navigating interactions with individuals and other pets.
Addressing heightened excitement and nervousness in novel environments.
Excursions: Practicing in various public settings.
Graduation: Showcasing acquired skills and celebrating successes.
Supplementary Materials for Each Module:

Instructional videos for visual learners.
Detailed home-practice training manuals.
Solutions for typical training hurdles.
Suggested literature and resources for continued learning.

Course Outcome:
Upon finishing this course, participants will have solidified a framework of effective communication, trust, and compliance with their dogs. Owners will gain the knowledge and practices necessary to confidently handle their dogs in both private and societal contexts.

Participants demonstrating adept application of the training techniques and attainment of the course’s objectives will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Individual advancement may vary; supplementary one-on-one sessions are available for dogs or owners requiring additional aid.
The dogs’ welfare is our utmost priority; any signs of distress will be promptly addressed by modifying the training approach.

Next Steps:
Graduates are encouraged to further their education through our specialized training modules, focusing on advanced disciplines such as agility, therapy dog certification, or competitive obedience.

Course Content

  • Curriculum Basic Dog Training all Age's
    • Introduction

    • Trust & Bonding

    • Trust & Bonding | Eyecontact

    • Come

    • How achieve Come & Call Back?

    • Learning Yes & No / Red & Green Area

    • Sit & Lay down

    • Sit & Lay Down

    • Search & Retrieve Basics

    • Search & Retrieve Praxis

    • How to Leash your Dog?

    • Leash as Communication

  • Lessons 12
  • Language English
  • Skill Beginner
  • Available Seats 99
  • Last Update January 17, 2024


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